About Henry

Henry Nickel serves as the City Council Member for Ward 5 of the City of San Bernardino. First elected in a 2014 special election following the city’s 2012 bankruptcy filing, Henry continues to support law enforcement, fiscal discipline and accountability in a city historically plagued by crime, poverty and political dysfunction. Henry won a resounding reelection victory in 2015. As a City Council Member, Henry worked faithfully to help bring San Bernardino out of bankruptcy in 2017. Henry championed sound fiscal management, increased law enforcement capacity, new housing and commercial development, ethical political conduct, contracted city services, the passage of a new city charter, performance improvement measures, greater community engagement, and a new professional corporate culture within the city’s government. 

Henry serves on the League of California Cities’ Transportation, Communication and Public Works Policy Committee tasked with reviewing state and federal legislation related to transportation funding, construction, public works, telecommunications and related areas. He recognizes government must live within its means, promote policies that create ongoing prosperity, justify each tax dollar spent and remain accountable to constituents. Doing so ensures that necessary and valuable government services remain readily available for residents and businesses now and into the future. These guiding leadership and management principles derive from Henry’s extensive experience as an entrepreneur, educator and public servant.

Henry currently works for the San Bernardino County Economic and Workforce Development Department and is a member of Teamsters Local 1932. Henry was born San Bernardino. He earned his undergraduate degree in communication, legal institutions, economics and government from American University in Washington, DC. He went on to study law and earned a graduate degree in National Security Studies from California State University San Bernardino with a focus on American National Security, intelligence analysis and terrorism.

Henry dedicates himself to actively engaging within the community through regular constituent meetings to discuss every city council agenda. He believes the role of elected officials must be to serve the residents who elect them. We, the city residents are the boss, elected officials work for us.